We’re all about Human to Human interactions, and we have some amazing committed Human Beings that work at Dolphin.

First Up , Santosh Kamat


Santosh hails originally from India, he has worked in both Melbourne and Sydney before settling permanantly in Melbourne with his wife Sweta, and their beautiful new addition to the family, baby Sophie.

Santosh has been with the Dolphinworxs team for close to three years now and many of you get to speak to him whenever you need technical support.


“I enjoy working at Dophinworxs because I am learning new technologies as the system develops. I appreciate connecting with clients and learning about their businesses. It’s great to see how our technology helps their business to grow and become more streamline.”

Since starting with Dolphinworxs, Santosh has had to learn quickly as the different technologies have been developed. He works with clients in an ever-widening range of industries as the programs have been rolled out: Printworxs and Dolphin 3 and 4  for clients in the Print Industry and Justworxs for Tradies  and small businesses from a range of backgrounds. He understands that some clients are more tech-savvy than others so he makes sure to treat everyone with respect, providing step-by-step instructions and working with them to resolve any problems.


Santosh enjoys playing Soccer and plays every week. Currently playing with a local team in Keysborough, he is looking for a team in Frankston. His passion for the game used to see him travelling into the city in the early hours of the morning on the weekend to play socially for an hour or. His intention for playing is to have fun and to keep fit.

He also enjoys social squash with a team at Mornington. Other interests are travelling, particularly with his family and enjoying things like picnics and outings with friends.


Santosh and his wife, Sweta were delighted to announce the arrival of their daughter, Sophie early in 2015. This is their first baby and Santosh’s parents travelled to Australia to support them during her early months. Sophie is growing quickly and is all smiles.

Santosh, Sweta and Sophie
Santosh, Sweta and Sophie

Moving to the new Dolphinworxs location is closer to home for Santosh and with more structured hours at the office, he can spend valuable time with Sweta and Sophie.

The future

“I see great potential for Dolphinworxs, Justworxs and Printworxs in the future particularly as we become more mobile.  As we continue to explore new technologies, there will always be something new to learn, which makes it Interesting and a good challenge.”

Contact info 

Email : Santosh@dolphinworxs.com

Skype : santosh.dolphinworxs

Mobile : 0428 884 901

Santosh is in the office from 8:30 am until just before 5 pm Monday to Friday .


Sophie charming the socks off Steph and Trent
Sophie charming the socks off Steph and Trent