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24 June 2016 : Technology Guide : MIS & W2P
Dolphin 4 features in the 2016 Tech Guide to MIS & W2P systems on ProPrint.

18 Sep 2015: More than managing print.
Dolphinworxs client KingPrint features in this article on ProPrint.

24 Apr 2015: Cover story: Spread your wings and fly at PrintEx15.
Our featured on ProPrint for PrintEx 2015.

28 Jan 2015: DolphinWorx plans updates, licencing changes.
Dolphin License changes featured on ProPrint.

12 Jan 2015: Innovation, Personalization And The Cloud + More Predictions For Print In 2015.
Stephanie’s predictions for 2015 featured on ProPrint.

28 Nov 2014: Tech guide: MIS and web-to-print.

Our PrintWorxs software features in the ProPrint tech guide

29 Aug 2014: International Print Day is on 8.10.14. Get involved!. Stephanie features on the K.W.DoggettFinePaper blog.

24 Jan 2014: MIS, W2P and workflow.

ProPrint feature article.

16 Sep 2013: Xerox Virtual Print-13 pre-registration. Xerox pre-registration from Print13, Chicago.

05 July 2013: Have we found the next Atlassian?  The Age Newspaper


21 June 2013: DolphinWorxs receives govt help to sell to 23m US businesses. ProPrint Magazine