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Have you downloaded your free upgrade to Windows 10 yet ?

The whole world seems to have gone a bit Windows Crazy the last few weeks, and here at Dolphin , it’s no different.

We’ve been monitoring and testing on a BETA version of Windows 10 , because we knew , as soon as it was released to the public, we would be asked if Dolphin Products are compatible.

So here’s the skinny on our products and the testing results so far.

Dolphin 3 – Sadly , Dolphin 3 is a very old product line, and is not compatible with Windows 10.

Dolphin 4 – Initial tests are very promising, and thus far we have not encountered any major issues that require us to do any compatibility release of Dolphin 4. Outside of Dolphin however, some hardware such as Printers, Network Cards and Video Cards are not fully compatible and you will have to wait for your hardware suppliers to update their drivers before moving to Windows 10. Our initial tests also point to us being able to support Dolphin 4 on Windows 10 with minimal disruption

PrintWorxs and JustWorxs – these products are fully online hosted solutions, they depend on the browser more so than the OS of the computer. Windows 10 comes with a new browser called Spartan. Our initial tests show no major issues running your Worxs site in this browser. Any issues we do pick up will be fixed in our standard upgrade cycle, watch out for notifications on social media when ( and if) this happens.

We will continue testing, and of course as per normal, we will immediately address any issues reported to us by clients who have moved to Windows 10 ( except as noted above in regards to Dolphin 3 which is not compatible and not supported).


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