Our Latest Upgrade to the software v1.1 was released earlier this week on 20-Jan-2014. Below is a list of all the features included in the upgrade –

# Changes in Menu

* The Consumers, Client companies and Suppliers have been merged into a single List called Accounts in CRM which can be further classified as Client Companies, Person Accounts (called Consumers earlier) and Suppliers.

* Products and Services item has been moved under the Sales & Quoting menu.

* Production menu renamed as Jobs and Deliveries. Accounts and Invoice List renamed to Invoices.

# Notes Added

* A Notes tab has been added on all of the screens where a Note can be added as a reference. Notes tab exists on Leads, Companies, Tasks, Quotes, Orders, Jobs, Deliveries, Invoices, Products and Services.

# Dashboards

* The Sales and Quoting Dashboard has been modified to display the Quotes, Orders and Jobs in different tabs.

# CRM Changes – Tasks, Outgoing messages

* Tasks now have a priority associated with them and a Complete button. Using this button will fill the completed date, person and % fields for you automatically with just a click of a button.

* Earlier you could only email Quotes, Orders, Invoices and reports. Now just about any email can be sent from the software from the Outgoing messages using the new Send button. Specially useful when you need to follow up or just send an email to a client and need to login to your email client separately.

# Simplified tax on products

* The tax indicators on the Products have now been simplified and there is just on indicator now which tells if the purchase and Sell price include tax or exclude tax. For already existing products for your software, we have defaulted this indicator to whatever the value was earlier on the ‘Sell Price Tax indicator’.

# My company changes

* Each employee now has a new drop down to select an SMTP account to send emails. This means that when the employee will send emails through the software, it would use that particular SMTP details and each employee can have their own SMTP or a different common SMTP account set up. New SMTP account can be set up in the My Company Details screen.

* SMTP details now can only be edited and visible to Administrators and Managers.

* New role called ‘Cold Caller Role’ added. This role only has access to the tasks which are assigned to them and Leads which they are Sales Person on.

# Reports

* A new management report named ‘SRD 7 Day Dashboard’ has been added which shows you all Sales Order which are due in the next 7 days and are not complete or closed. The report shows a list of both the Sales Orders as well as a bar chart showing the sales orders due for each day grouped by the status.

# Workflows

* 2 more automated workflows have been introduced in this upgrade which will remind you with follow up tasks about Overdue jobs and newly created Leads.

Watch webinar on our latest Upgrade v.1.1 recorded below –

Note: For best resolution, it is recommended to switch to full screen mode when the video is being played (by double click on the video or using the full screen button at the bottom right corner of the video). Thanks.